We had an amazing Grand Opening of our Brick and Mortar Location. Special Guest of Honor Chris Carter cut the Ribbon and made dreams come true.

We were also joined by Keith Arbuthnot, special effects actor best know to X-Files fans for his work as Mr. Chuckleteeth.

Patricia Murray was in attendence to represent WCT productions and Bill Terezakis.

You can now see the Collection in person at:

4284 Route 50

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Enjoy the these photos from the Big Event! 

The Collection

  • The Chris Carter Collection

  • We are honored

  • to share with you

  • items donated

  • from the private collection

  • of the creator Chris Carter

The Chris Carter Collection

We are honored

to share with you

items donated

from the private collection

of the creator Chris Carter

Animatronic Alien Arm

This animatronic alien arm was screen used in "Fight the Future".   Animatronic arms were used in several scenes, in the underground scene, in the artic and when aliens were busting out of the cryopods. The cables were used to control the movement.  

Agent Fox Mulder Wardrobe

Season 10 episode " My Struggle II" 

This set includes bloody shirt and pants. This set was screen worn by David Duchovny as Fox Mulder in the fight scene that takes place in Mulder's home.  

Alien Hybrid Fetus

 Season 8 episode "Essence"

This fetus was screen used in the memorable scene when Agent Doggett walks in the lab and finds multiple alien hybrid fetus'

Acid Burned Head

Season 5 episode "Pine Bluff Variant"

This is a screen used acid burned head from the episode.

Pack of Morley Cigarettes

Screen used pack of Morley Cigarettes.  This pack actually contains several of the special cigarettes William B. Davis would  use on screen.

Eurisko Sign

Season 1 episode "Ghost in the Machine"

This Eurisko sign was screen used set dressing.

Agent Dana Scully Wardrobe

This set includes; Blouse and Slacks worn by Gillian Anderson as Agent Dana Scully.

Agent Mulder Stunt Wardrobe

Season 10 episode "Babylon" 

The wardrobe was worn by Duchovny's stunt double suring filming of the episode.  This set includes; Shirt, Jacket Pants and Shoes. 

License Plates

Season 10 episode "My Struggle II" 

These License Plates were screen used in the highway scene of this episode. 

Case File -Travelers

Season 5 episode "Travelers"

This is a screen used case file from the episode. This episode was special because it featured Darren McGavin as Agent Arthur Dales

Alien Cryopod

This is a screen used Alien Cryopod from the movie "Fight The Future"

Chinga Burnt Doll

Season 5 episode "Chinga"

This is the screen used doll from the microwave scene. She is very fragile in that her clothes and hair has been burnt.

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The purpose of our collection is to preserve and restore the many pieces of THE X-Files. To assist with this we are offering a line of The X-Files Preservation Collection merchandise.  All proceeds go back into the collection and the museum. 

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"I am a dedicated X-files fan.  I ordered a t-shirt and mug from the X-files Preservation Collection and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the products.  The t-shirt was made of quality cotton with a comfortable neck.  The mug design is cool and seems to be lasting nicely going through the dishwasher.  I have received so many compliments and these have been a great conversation starter.  I am looking forward to ordering the lunchbox and the new mug that is available.  Highly recommended! "

Maggie Bouchat-Taylor

It is so incredible to see this collection getting the attention it deserves. I was lucky enough to cross paths with Jim several years ago and I have enjoyed watching the Preservation Collection come to life and grow for the world to see. This show meant the world to a lot of people and the fact that we can now go to one place to see the amazing props and costumes is a dream come true. My Mom took me to the Smithsonian when I was little and I remember her face when she saw Fonzie's jacket. This is the same thing for us Philes. We can now go and see Fox Mulder's suit, the Chinga doll, a pack of CSM's cigarettes, case files from our favorite episodes, the Flukeman...I really could go on forever. This collection has everything a fan could ever want to see and grows constantly.Jim and his wife have dedicated so much of their personal lives to rounding up these props and costumes in order to save them for us and future generations. Because of them our show will be around for our kids and grandkids to enjoy and get a perspective that until now people have never seen. I encourage anyone and everyone who loves the X-Files to check out, in my opinion, the absolute best collection of X-Files memorabilia that we will ever see. Thank you Jim for working so hard for us to bring these pieces back together where they belong. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Thank you for letting me be a small part of this journey.

Misty Isom