Chinga Doll

Episode: Chinga (5x10)
Description: The titular evil doll from the classic episode penned by the master of horror Stephen King. This hero prop was used in the final scenes of the episode, following Scully throwing the doll into the microwave and burning it.

MamMAlian corpse

Episode: The Pilot (1x79)
Description: This priceless treasure of X-Files history goes all the way back the pilot episode when the agents, on their first case together, exhume the body of a young man only to discover these mummified remains of an alien-looking body in the coffin.

Alien Cryo-pOd

Episode: The X-Files: Fight the Future (film)
Description: This incredibly detailed and restored set piece is immediately recognizable from the climax of the film Fight the Future. Mulder finds rows of these cryo-pods aboard the underground alien ship in his search for his partner in the arctic, only to discovered Scully captive in one.

"I Want TO BElievE" Poster

Episode: Numerous
Description: One of the most iconic pieces of set dressing from modern television, this genuine poster from the original run of the series was donated to the collection from series creator Chris Carter.

MulDer's FILE cabinET

Episode: Numerous
Description: Another one-of-a-kind set dressing, this file cabinet called Mulder's iconic basement office home during the run of the series.

WERe-MONSTEr ProstheticS

Episode: Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster (10x03)
Description: These special make-up effects, which came to the collection from the estate of special make-up effects designer Bill Terezakis, were used throughout the episode when Guy Mann (played by Rhys Darby) was in his true reptilian form.

"Ghouli" Mask

Episode: Ghouli (11x05)
Description: Created by the late Bill Terezakis, this mask was used to help create the terrifying monster from the episode, portrayed by actor Keith Arbuthnot.

ShigonG MASK

Episode: Hell Money (3x19)
Description: One of the iconic masks worn in the episode by the Chinatown-based abducters responsible for collecting the debts owed by participants in the gruesome underground lottery.

SCULlY's Autopsy Gear

Episode: Numerous
Description: There screen-used costume pieces were donned by Gillian Anderson during some of her numerous autopsy scenes as Agent/Medical Doctor Dana Scully.

1934 Loggers Set Photo

Episode: Darkness Falls (1x19)
Description: This screen-used photo featuring a group of missing loggers from the 1930s was featured in one of Agent Mulder's notorious slideshow presentations to Agent Scully in the first act of the episode.

DeformEd dolL

Episode: Born Again (1x21)
Description: This creepy prop served as an important plot point in the episode, connecting a young girl to a gangland murder of a detective nine years prior. The doll's mutilation by the little girl matches the circumstances of the detective's demise exactly.

"CHATtERing MaN" HeaD mOLd

Episode: Home Again (10x04)
Description: Another piece from the collection of the late Bill Terezakis, this head mold of used to create the looks of the chilling "Chattering Man", portrayed in the episode by actor Keith Arbuthnot.

Walter SkinNeR - ScREen worN Suit

Episode: Founder's Mutation (10x02)
Description: This suit was worn by star Mitch Pileggi in one of his infamous appearances at A.D. Skinner, dressing down the agents from his Assistant Director desk.

StoryBoard Cards

Episode: Numerous
Description: These production-used storyboard cards, intregal to the development and shooting of each episode, were donated from Chris Carter's collection and span the run of the original series.