A Conversation With Chris Carter, the CREATOR of The X-Files-Click Here

Our mission here at The X-Files Preservation Collection is preserving the history of The X-Files and sharing it with the public now and into the future. This is a passion project for us. An act of gratitude for all that The X-Files has meant to our lives.  The X-Files has brought us all together many times over. We are a fandom and we have Chris Carter to thank for bringing us The X-Files.  

We were thrilled to get the opportunity to speak to Chris Carter. To express our gratitude and discuss all things X-Files. We are honored to share our conversation with you.  Interesting stories, and perhaps a little intrigue await.


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You guys are amazing. Cris Carter question at the end
“WHY IS WILLIAM SMILING” . Please one more season.😍👽

Alma Ortiz

Hello I am from Buenos Aires,Argentina. Thanks so much for sharing this interview and for all your work!!!

Maria Cecilia

It’s amazing that Chris kept such a vast amount of stuff from the show, that he kept it for so many years and that he then donated it to you for the XF Preservation collection, and how great that in this interview he offers to help you obtain stuff from season 11. What a great guy….and never say never for season 12! Hope springs eternal.

Thank you to you both for building such an amazing collection and all best wishes for when the museum opens.

Elaine Oldham

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